T   I   D   A   L     T   I   M   E    S


Second Floor Studios & Arts member' Anthony Hurren presents "Tidal Times". I have been undertaking a photographic study of the River Thames along the Greenwich riverside for the past few years as the river rises and falls with daily tide. My series of photographic works entitled "Tidal Times' capture artifacts, debris, man-made objects and machinery as they reveal themselves in the mud and stone like water marks on an old bath generation after generation. The exhibition pieces are printed on alluminium uniquely framed in drift wood collected from the Thames itself.

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MOB. (+44) 7932 550658

EMAIL. [email protected]


Off Your Trolley £550

Hole In My Shoe £400

Tyred £250

Gutted Boot £450

Tyre Splash £150

Bottled It £350

Any Old Iron £650

Old Brand £300

Shoe Fetish £150

Washer £200

Wasted Minutes £350

Me Old China £650

Rounded Views £200

On Your Bike £400

Hidden Chains £350

Circles In The Sand £150

Size of the artwork ranges from around 20 - 59 Inches along the length. Each white breeze block on the wall is around 18 Inches (46 cm) across to give you an idea of scale, generally the larger the artwork the greater the price.

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